Natasha Oakley: Hot Instagram Photos Of The Internet Beauty

Natasha Oakley is an Internet beauty who, according to her website, amassed an army of social media followers due to her confident personality and worldly adventures.

Natasha acquired a large following and fan base through her social media platforms whom demanded more “Natasha”, a photo a day of her adventures was not enough, they wanted to know where her clothes where from, what her beauty regime was and where she was staying during her travels! Natasha being so passionate about photography, travel and fashion created her newest project Natasha Oakley Blog so she could share more with her followers who are inspired by her individuality and inspirational attitude.

“Like every business or project that I create I set out to inspire individuals, in particular woman. There is something so beautiful about a confident woman. Being a curvaceous girl myself I like to show women all over the world that they can look great in clothes or a bikini, everyone should feel at home in their own skin. Many girls are discouraged by fashion designers and magazines who depict a slimmer figure as being aspirational, however I think that curves look amazing in clothes! High fashion should not be confined to any sort of person, it should be accessible to all shapes and sizes”!

Below is a collection of hot photos from the founder of A Bikini A Day.

[Photos via Natasha Oakley Instagram]