Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Hot Photos Of 2014-15 Squad

When it comes to sideline entertainment, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders set the NFL standard. The girls in their iconic blue and white uniforms, dancing in perfect synchronization on the sidelines, is a familiar image to all football fans. And while teams have challenged the throne throughout the years, Dallas is constantly the premier squad.

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The Cowboys first established a cheerleading team in 1960, which was called the “CowBelles & Beaux” and was comprised of male and females from local high schools. The squad dropped male cheerleaders in 1969, and eventually moved away from high schoolers, evolving into what fans see on the sidelines today.

In honor of this year’s group of ladies, below is a Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders photo gallery for 2014-15.

[Photos via Twitter: Abby, Angela, Ashley, Brittney, Danielle, Holly, Jenna]