Robyn Crowley Is NBA’s Hottest WAG: 18 Reasons She’s Got It Going On

If you have not yet been introduced to Chandler Parson’s girlfriend Robyn Crowley, then settle in. You might also want to buckle on a chinstrap, because as soon as you take a glance below your jaw will bust through the floor – think Brent Musburger seeing Katherine Webb.

Yes Crowley is a babe, but there is so much. You don’t grab our unofficial title of “NBA’s Hottest WAG” for simply being hot. You must have the personality, too. Crowley sold us on this by shotgunning beers like a champ. She likes to party; so do we.

Did I mention she also has two smoke-show sisters who warrant posts of their own? So yeah … they are pretty much bordering on the hottest family in the country.

In order to make Crowley’s case for hottest NBA WAG, we’ve collected 18 reasons why she owns the title.

1. The First Family Of Good Looks

2. Shotguns Like A Champ, And Looks Good Doing It

3. She Can Make A Beautiful Course Look Even Better

4. Rap Game Is Strong

5. The Hookah

6. You Don’t Even Notice How Terrible These Glasses Are

7. She Never Leaves Man’s Best Friend Far Behind

8. No Explanation Needed

9. Did We Mention Crowley’s Family Received All The Good Looks?

10. She Takes Care Of CP

11. She Likes To Party

12. Did We Mention She Likes To Shotgun Beer?

13. Yeah. This.

14. She Knows How To Golf

15. Everything About This Photo

16. She Likes “Coastin”

17. She’s Not Afraid To Get Her Grub On

18. And We Will Leave You With This

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