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Seahawks cheerleader Alicia Quaco also kicks butt in the Air Force

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Seattle Seahawks cheerleader Alicia Quaco is much more than just a pretty face on the sidelines. Believe it or not, the “Sea Gal” rookie is also a first lieutenant in the Air Force.

According to the New York Post, Quaco spends her daily life as a contract manager for the Air Force before moonlighting for the Seahawks.

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Helping to run our country and entertain fans on the sidelines during football season? Talk about contributing to society. And at 25 years old she’s just getting started.

Following are a couple of Quaco, courtesy of

seahawks cheerleader air force alicia quaco

seahawks cheerleader air force alicia quaco 1

seahawks cheerleader air force alicia quaco 2


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