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Tim Duncan’s Girlfriend Vanessa Macias Rocks ‘Barkley Don’t Know’ Shirt

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Cred: @BleacherReport

Tim Duncan’s girlfriend Vanessa Macias had a message for Charles Barkley and his San Antonio women jokes on Monday night. Macias rocked a “Barkley Don’t Know” shirt to the game, which continued to challenge Chuck’s senses. When the cameras caught them, Barkley stated, “Those girls are not from San Antonio. They flew them in from Houston and Dallas.”

You can’t win ‘em all, Chuck.

*UPDATE* Here’s a video of Barkley still refusing to believe. We can only hope that this keeps going back and forth between the two parties.

PHOTOS: Tim Duncan’s Girlfriend Vanessa Macias

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  • Pontori Falstaff

    Sorry gold diggers. San Antonio consistently ranks in the top 5 of FATTEST cities in America. I know, I know gold diggers. Facts are inconvenient little things. Now sure, you look fit. But maybe instead of t-shirts, you could look at something sciency, like data, and help your fellow ladies out who don’t have millionaire husbands.

  • Crocked

    I think Tims girl friend got all her girl freinds to give head to the refs after that mugging the Spurs got away with

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