Worst Twitter Fail Of 2014: US Airways Or Carlos Martinez?

We’re barely 1/3 of the way through 2014 and there are two social media blunders already jockeying for the crown of “Worst Twitter Fail of the Year.” In the far corner, wearing St. Louis Cardinals jersey No. 62: Carlos Martinez. In the near corner, sporting a beet red blush: US Airways.

Both Martinez and US Airways made terrible Twitter snafus related to porn (NSFW links here and here). Martinez favorited like a million pornographic images to his feed; US Air sent out a picture of a lady with a plane in her vagina. Both intriguing, but only one can be the clubhouse leader heading into the year’s second trimester. Let’s measure up the tale of the tape to determine who had the bigger fail.

Carlos Martinez

Why He Deserves The Crown

  • Martinez represents the St. Louis Cardinals
  • Kids are more likely to follow his account than that of an airline
  • The world now knows how he gets his rocks off
  • There was a lot of favorited porn
  • No seriously, A LOT of porn
  • Martinez runs the risk of getting dead arm during the offseason

Why He Should Get Off The Hook

  • It’s an eclectic mix of porn
  • He’s good a sourcing his material
  • Saves parents from having the birds and bees talk
  • He keeps it real
US Airways

Why They Deserve The Crown

  • Airplane+vagina ≠ good marketing
  • They paid somebody to tweet that picture
  • The tweet was an apology to a dissatisfied customer
  • US Airways insulted its customer service department and gave it a ton of extra work with just one tweet
  • Once again, they sent out a picture of a woman with a plane in her vagina to over 400,000 people

Why They Should Get Off The hook

  • Accidents happen
  • There’s no such thing as bad press
  • They just catered to a really specific fetish
  • One tweet leveled the internet
  • Jokes. So many jokes.

Any jackwad can go through and favorite porn stars banging it out to their personal feed. It takes a real screwup to tweet out a black hole photo on a professional feed – especially when you’re paid to master social media. A lot of people are on mop up duty for one errant click. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. For that reason, US Airways has the worst tweet of 2014 to date.

Unless Spirit fires back with with a DVDA travel campaign, this one may ride out until the end of the year.