Education | Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineer, University of Florida

Favorite Teams | Florida Gators, Miami Dolphins, Miami Marlins, Miami Heat, St Louis Cardinals

About | A former engineer, Glenn kicked the corporate life in order to pursue his passion as a sports fan. Having traveled for the better part of his life to take in sporting events across the country, the culture that he experienced in different locations particularly interested him. He is now in charge of the creative direction of Gamedayr.
Education | Master of Liberal Arts, John Hopkins University

Favorite Teams | Atlanta Braves, UNC Tar Heels

About | Skip Caray and Pete van Wieren were the soundtrack to my childhood. Dean's Disciple. Don't sweat the petty, always pet the sweaty.
Education | Florida State College at Jacksonville, New Horizons Computer/ Certification

Favorite Teams | Jacksonville Jaguars, Boston Redsox/Bruins, PGA, Louisville Cardinals

About | Blythe is the Director of Creative Content for Gamedayr. In her off time, you can find her over at, the female-fan focused media network she founded in 2010 and serves as the Editor in Chief. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Blythe published GuysGirl's Guide to Football Fanaticism in 2013 and is a co-host of the first all-female football radio show, Helmets and Heels.
Education | BS in Advertising / AA in Computer Science; University of North Florida

Favorite Teams | Florida Gators

About | Self-taught techy. Erin is responsible for the design and coding for the site.
Education | BS in Journalism, University of Florida; Minor in Sports Management

Favorite Teams | Florida Gators, Washington Redskins, Wizards, Capitals, Nationals and Tampa Bay Rays

About | Ryan has always had a passion for sports, but early on he realized that he didn't have a future in playing them. Discovering his writing ability has allowed him to cover the games he loves.
Education | B.A. Broadcast Journalism Jacksonville Unversity, Grad Student, Interactive Media Quinnipiac University

Favorite Teams | Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida Gators

About | David grew up in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and is a die-hard Jaguars fan.  Becoming a TV News anchor/reporter meant moving away from Jacksonville but that doesn't stop him from keeping tabs on both the Jaguars and the NFL.  He's all about having fun with sports and not taking it too seriously.  He's always looking for different ways to cover the sports he loves.
Education |  Kent State

Favorite Teams | Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns

About | A graduate of THE Kent State University, Dan is the Sunday Editor for and also the Founder and Editor of He hosts the weekly Thunder Treats Podcast and also makes girls hearts melt via his outstanding Twitter game. In addition to all of that, he works full time as a Vice President of Sales for a steel company and has virtually zero free time. He fights out of Youngstown, Ohio where he eats, sleeps and breathes Cleveland sports and Buckeye football!
Education | Bachelor of Arts in English at Jacksonville University

Favorite Teams | Florida Gators, Orlando Magic, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints, Cleveland Indians, and Jacksonville University Dolphins

About | Casey is originally from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and has called Atlanta home since 2013. He loves sports (especially involving the Florida Gators) and has since he was old enough to sit on his grandfather’s lap and cheer for the orange and blue and learn about and from ESPN. He went to college in Jacksonville, and works in higher education in graduate admissions in Kennesaw. If you have any story ideas, suggestions, comments, or just want to be cool, drop him a line!
Education | University of Florida

Favorite Teams | Florida Gators, Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Braves

About | Fantasy Football is the closest an average sports fan will ever come to being a GM or coach. It gives the common man/woman the ability to apply their football knowledge to something productive, as well as makes for good bonding and trash talk among friends.
Education | BS in Recreation/Event Management, University of Florida

Favorite Teams | Florida Gators, Miami Dolphins

About | Kacey is a proud UF alumna and a devoted Gator fan. Whether tailgating on game day or hosting a party, she loves to cook up delicious food for her friends. She is also a a big fan of classic tailgating recipes, but is also excited to find, try, and experiment with new recipes.
Education | B.A. Communication, Florida State University

Favorite Teams | Florida State Seminoles, Miami Dolphins, New York Yankees, New York Rangers, AC Milan

About | Jason has an unmatched passion for college football.  You'll quickly learn how diehard of a 'Nole he is, but he'll try his hardest to cover the other teams in the state and the country equally (no promises, though).  His love of the sport is slightly second to the love for his wife, who you'll meet every Thursday during his picks of the week.
Education | Texas A&M University

Favorite Teams | Texas A&M University

About | Perhaps the ultimate 'gamer' in college sports history, David is the original four-year starting quarterback for Texas A&M University, becoming the first true freshman to play the position there since World War II. At age 17 in 1973, he became a noted pioneer for America's true freshman quarterbacks who have since stepped on a football field in a starting role for D-1 teams.
Education | Bachelor in Design, UF & Masters in Architecture, GA Tech

Favorite Teams | Florida Gators, Atlanta Braves, Orlando Magic, Atlanta Falcons

About | Heath grew up without a favorite NFL team, allowing him to obsess over fantasy football with minimal bias. He's an organized "type A" who meticulously tries to find order in a painfully unpredictable game.