10 NFL players who should not manage their team’s Snapchat accounts

Sports franchises seek any leverage through social media to engage with their fans. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine all bring fans closer to the game. Now a new platform, Snapchat, is being introduced to the circuit.

For the uninitiated, Snapchat is a messaging program that delivers messages, videos, and pictures to smart phones and tablets for a finite amount of time. Conceptually, Snapchat is great. But, like many great ideas, it has also been perverted. Snapchat has become a haven for selfies, naked pictures, and infidelity.

The New Orleans Saints recently introduced their plans to keep fans abreast of team news by periodically releasing 24-hour snaps.

In honor of the NFL’s new Snapchat movement, here are 10 players that should never manage team accounts.