Seattle Seahawks hire 18-year old high school girl as latest cheerleader


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On the far left, bottom corner of the Seattle Sea Gals cheerleading squad sits a curly-haired 18-year old by the name of Christian Fernandez.

And what is so special about Fernandez, other than the fact that it gives us an excuse to post some cheerleader photos for your entertainment?

Well, the fact that Fernandez is still in high school might have something to do with it. That’s right, Busted Coverage brought to our attention the fact that Fernandez, while over the minimum age of 18, learned of the fact that she had made the Sea Gals squad the day after her high school prom — and she wasn’t even on the cheerleading squad for her high school as a senior.

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We’re not sure if it’s going to affect any collegiate cheerleading eligibility.

These photos come from Seattle Sea Gals.




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  • Larry Dunn

    she ‘s in high school very inappropriate

  • Jim_Harbaugh