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Rumor Mill: ACC discussing three teams for potential expansion

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Now that both the SEC and Big Ten have made the transition from 10- to 12- and now to 14-team leagues successfully, the ACC is looking to flex a little muscle of its own.

More to the point, several powerhouses are looking to bolt the rapidly disintegrating Big East.

[The Big East may be forced to vote to dissolve the conference]

The Big East has been blown apart by the departures of such programs as West Virginia, Pitt, Syracuse and Rutgers, and is now simply a shell of its former self.

On the other hand, the ACC, despite a dearth of dominant football programs in 2012, has at the very least managed to hang onto its identity.

Not to mention its schools.

Rumors circulated that conference mainstays such as Florida State and Clemson were primed to leave, in search of bigger and better things in conferences such as the SEC and Big 12. However, those programs are going to stay, and more schools along the coast are likely to join them.

The only loss the conference has suffered is the defection of Maryland to the Big Ten.

As of now, Navy is committed to join the Big East as a full member in 2015, but if there is not anyone to play, then joining the league might prove to be a bit difficult.

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