Two SEC title tickets cost more than five other conference championship games combined

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The age-old, time tested tradition of taking a date out for dinner and a movie could really be seeing a change over Championship Weekend in college football.

With ticket prices so cheap, there is no reason for a die-hard fan to leave the wife, husband, bf, gf, or even bff at home come Saturday.

There are plenty of $4.00 tickets to the Florida State – Georgia Tech ACC Championship game, so those looking to class it up on the cheap-cheap can do so and hardly spend more than a meal at McDonald’s (although there are plenty of jokes to be made about both McDonald’s food and ACC football at the moment).

Roughly the same can be said for the MAC Championship, where $14 tickets can be scored to watch Northern Illinois and Kent State beat each other up for the chance to bust into a BCS bowl, and the $20 tickets to watch Nebraska take on a disappointing Wisconsin squad for a shot at the Rose Bowl.

For whatever reason folks are willing to shell out $35 bucks to watch Tulsa take on Central Florida for the Conference USA Championship and a chance to play in some bowl we’ve never heard of. For only a bit more cash than that, a solid 50-bones, one can head out to California to watch UCLA and Stanford duke it out for the second time in six days, this time for the Pac-12 title.

In all, that is 123-smackers to take in five of the six conference championship games, or $246 for the romantically inclined but sick of movies.

Frequent flier miles, anyone?

Of course, you can always put all those airline ticket prices into one big purchase, say, I don’t know, perhaps two tickets to the SEC Championship game?

No. 2 Alabama takes on No. 3 Georgia in Atlanta for not only the conference crown, but also an invite to the BCS National Championship game, where 12-0 Notre Dame awaits.

Those are high stakes, and the prices reflect that.

Thus, two tickets for five conference championships are cheaper than the $324 it was costing Wednesday for a nosebleed seat in the Georgia Dome. For those hopeless romantics trying to do it on the dime but desperate for a better game than Tulsa vs. Central Florida, things do not get any better on StubHub.

The average ticket on the online ticket site is currently going for $480 per person. Not as a couple, per person.

Perhaps those $12.00 movie tickets aren’t sounding so bad after all, or maybe the SEC is simply the nation’s most football-dominant (not to mention football-crazy) conference.

Source: Times Free Press, VolsExtra

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