Feel like you have what it takes to be Wisconsin’s coach?All you have to do is apply [Photo]

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When most schools are blindsided by an unexpected coaching departure for any number of reasons, there is a massively chaotic scramble for a new man to head up the program.

Not at the University of Wisconsin.

Barry Alvarez coached the program from 1990 through 2006, when he handed the reins of the program over to Bret Bielema. Alvarez won three Rose Bowls and coached a Heisman Trophy winner in Ron Dayne. Bielema won 11 games three times in his seven seasons and led his teams to three consecutive Rose Bowls, although he did not win any of them. He also coached a Heisman finalist in Montee Ball.

Obviously, Bielema was good, but Alvarez is better.

Thus, at the personal request of the Badger’s current captains, Alvarez will be coaching the team in the 2013 Rose Bowl in what is simply expected to be a one-game return to the coaching ranks.

Anyone else interested in taking over the position afterwards need simply to apply, of course.

No lie.

If you feel like taking over the responsibilities of head coaching at a billion-dollar endowment university, all you have to do is hop onto the University of Wisconsin website and fill out an application.

No worries, the site makes it abundantly clear that the school is an equal opportunity employer, so everyone will get a fair shake at the multi-million dollar job.

If you’re feeling up to the task, pull the trigger and apply! I mean, it is just the Big Ten, so you should have a decent shot at going 8-5 (we’re looking at you Wisconsin), which is good enough to win the conference.


h/t Reddit/CFB

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