2013 BCS National Championship: Alabama strikes back in t-shirt wars [Photo]

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Image courtesy Throw the Flag Blog

Well, in what has become an ongoing theme of the month leading up to the BCS National Championship game, Bama fans have created yet another shirt hatin’ on the one team standing in the way of their potential dynasty.

Those goody-two-shoes at Notre Dame started it all off with their ‘Catholics vs. Cousins‘ shirts. Not to be put out, the Tide struck right back, claiming they’d rather be good than lucky.

With the Irish hoping to prove their t-shirt making skills were far more ‘good than luck’, they introduced the ‘Golden Domers vs. Mobile Homers‘ line of fashionable Notre Dame wear.

Needless to say, members of Tide Nation were not impressed.

Do they think the Irish are going to win come January 7?

No DAME way, apparently.

H/T: Throw the Flag Blog

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