Columbus Blue Jackets sport ‘Thank You Fans’ jerseys during warmups [Photo]

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Photo courtesy Die Hard Sport

While these were not official game jerseys, the Columbus Blue Jackets’ special edition ‘Thank You Fans’ jerseys earn Uni Blog status because of the message delivered.

Or attempt to deliver, that is.

After the 2005 lockout that literally shut down the NHL for an entire season, there was quite some time needed before casual hockey fans shed the skepticism and returned to the ice.

No one thought that by the time 2012-13 rolled around, hockey would have once again shut its doors.

[The lockout may be over, but no one reminded Sharks defenseman Brent Burns to shave]

At least this time, the league did not lose its entire season, and after dropping the puck it will cram as many games as possible into what little time is left in the season.

The Blue Jackets raffled off the warm-jerseys to a few lucky fans in attendance while the Red Wings were in town, and every team in the NHL has undergone various appreciation efforts in an attempt to win back the hearts (and dollars) of hockey fans.

H/T: Die Hard Sport

What do you think, Gamedayr Nation? Does hockey have a chance of getting back into the national spotlight?