2013 Florida Gators football: SEC to expand, one team sent to the minors [Photo]

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Photo courtesy of Tiger Hype Facebook.

Florida, you have officially been replaced by Louisville following your abysmal performance in the 2013 Sugar Bowl.

The SEC put together a 5-3 bowl record in 2013, with the Gators loss being the glaring flaw in all.

Enjoy your time in the minors.

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  • CoralGables

    At least be factually correct. The SEC finished 6-3 during the bowl season.

  • pharoh man

    Let’s get rid of LSU and Florida…and add Notre Dame and Pittsburgh

  • Tracy

    A couple of years ago a Great Alabama team was crushed in the Sugar Bowl
    by a Utah team that should have been crushed by Bama. I don’t remember that game getting as much attention as the Florida game. Oh that’s right it was Bama, we are not suppose to trash talk that school. RTR.