2013 NBA Finals: Game 7 television ratings went crazy

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As it turns out, the Miami Heat were not the only big winners on Thursday night. Mickey Mouse was a pretty happy camper himself.

Disney is the proud owner of ABC, which broadcasted the thrilling conclusion to what was one of the best and most competitive NBA Finals series, well, ever. The result of the broadcast was some of the highest television ratings ever.

According to USA Today, Game 7 between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs drew a 17.7 overnight rating, the second best NBA rating ever for ABC .

The only game to do better? Game 7 of the 2010 Celtic-Lakers playoffs. That game, understandably, checked in at 18.2.

Also, considering the markets in which these teams play, San Antonio and Miami did extremely well for themselves compared to the likes of Los Angeles and Boston. The overnight numbers for the Spurs hometown was an insane 46.4, while the Heat faithful – for the flak they take as so-called bandwagon fans – posted a 44.2 rating. Not bad at all.

Between 11:30 and 11:45 p.m. ET last night, the game’s ratings peaked at an impressive 22.6.

The game itself, as well as the entire series for that matter, was utter mayhem. If there was ever anything that defined “must-see TV” this was it.

And the numbers reflected exactly that.