2013 NBA Finals: Musings and observations with series tied 2-2

  • jason m.

    nice.. 2 more games now.. i love how no one talks about Duncans legacy (even though he has more claim to one than Lebron) just goes to show what kind of player he is. I also love how when the Spurs win a game, even the game 5, people think/say, “This is going to be a good series.” but when the heat win a game 4 to tie it up 2-2 people say, “This is over, Heat in 6.” or “Heat have figured something out.” I dont know what the ratings for this series is, but I know i’ve watched it more than any other, but maybe that has something to do w/ gambling.

    • JB

      I think it’s because Duncan doesn’t give the press anything to work with. Pop is the lightening rod for that team, which draws any attention negative/positive away from TD. Amazing how well Duncan is playing and he’s in the middle of a vicious divorce. I’ve said Heat in 7 the whole time and hope it all ends on a game winner in Game 7–whichever team wins. Does the Miami crowd actually show up on time tonight?