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Texas Tech unveils slick new helmets, gloves for 2013 football season [Photo]

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Photo courtesy Karson Land

New head coach in Kliff Kingsbury, new traditions at Texas Tech.

After going with the program’s traditional black helmets for years, it looks like the Red Raiders are going to incorporate a splash of white for the 2013 season.

The team apparently had white helmets back in the ’70s, and then tried to breathe new life into them in the first year of Tommy Tuberville’s tenure. However, according to SB Nation, after using the whites in five games in 2011, they did not make an appearance in 2012.

Tech lost four of its last five games in 2012 before Tubby bolted to take the open Cincinnati gig. Perhaps the new helmets will bring about some new results for Kingsbury and Co.

Western Michigan may not be the best team in the country, but their new helmets might just be at the top of the heap.

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