2013 Outback Bowl: Three-year old toddler dissects blown first down call [Video]

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The 2013 Outback Bowl between Michigan and South Carolina certainly came down to a game of inches. The Gamecocks won on a last-gasp touchdown pass, but the drama began in the first quarter when a ref made probably one of the most unnecessarily blown calls in the history of the game.

So obvious was this ball not near the first down marker that even a child could have made the call.

In fact, this awesome little three-year old did exactly that, breaking down the measurement with all the grace, style and aplomb of the greats like John Madden, Brent Musberger and Al Michaels.

Heck, she’s better, someone get this true Diaper Dandy (thanks Dickie V) a microphone and a weekly spot on-air — ske’s already killin’ it on YouTube.

The blown first down call led to one of the most bone-crushing hits of all time by Jadeveon Clowney.

H/T: Lost Lettermen

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