2014 NBA Slam Dunk Contest participants: Who ya got?

Continuing this week’s theme of overrated sporting events (sorry, but the Super Bowl and National Signing Day were massive disappointments this year), the NBA has announced its participants for the 2014 Slam Dunk Contest.

This year’s crop is a strong group of players who aren’t afraid to display some in-game creativity – meaning they should bring some fun to the competition. Double bonus: Nate Robinson isn’t involved (see: we’re already winners).

Here’s the lineup:

Harrison Barnes

Barnes finally started showing flashes of his potential in last year’s playoffs. Sometimes his dunks make people dance funny.

Paul George

Odds on favorite because of this:

Which also earned him one of these:

Damian Lillard

Lillard has been cutting the hearts out of competitors with his ice-cold game winners this season, but he’ll print a poster every now and again.

Ben McLemore

McLemore was part of one of the best dunks all season.

Sorry, Ben. I had to. Seriously, though, watch your head, cuz, because you sky out there.

Terrence Ross

Surprised he’s not on the lam after what he did to the Manimal.

Yep, he also got one of these:

And since he’s defending champ, Ross get’s a third video.

John Wall

Finally, there’s John Wall. Stop playin, man.

Here’s hoping for a good one this year. Who ya got?

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