10 Facts You Should Know About The 2014 NCAA Baseball Tournament

The field of 64 for the 2014 NCAA DI Baseball Tournament has been set. With the Road To Omaha upon us, it’s time to take a look at a few facts that you should know about this year’s tourney.

1. It’s A Hurricane Party
2. Texas Tournament Step
4. Familiar Field
5. Long Time No See
6. First Time For Everything

Indiana is the first Big Ten team to be rewarded with a top eight national seed.

7. Top Dogs

The national top eight seeds are Oregon State (42-12), Florida (40-21), Virginia (44-13), Indiana (42-13), Florida State (43-15), La.-Lafayette (53-7), TCU (42-15) and LSU (44-14-1).

8. Welcome To The Party
9. No Storms A Bruin

Coming off the program’s first national championship, the UCLA Bruins failed to make the postseason tournament this year.

10. It’s Great To Be A Florida Gator