2014 Recruiting: Could No. 1-overall player Leonard Fournette be leaning toward Texas?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The recruitment of superstar prep running back and national No. 1-overall 2014 recruit is heating up.

At 6-foot-1, 232 pounds with blazing speed, the New Orleans native has long held SEC powerhouses LSU and Alabama at the top of his wish list of potential schools for next year.

However, a new program has been elevated in his eyes, and that is the Texas Longhorns. Fournette already has scholarship offers from all the biggest names nationally, including the three mentioned as well as the likes of Florida, Georgia, Texas A&M and Michigan.

Even the biggest coaching names in the game are not going to be able to simply walk into Fournette’s Saint Augustine (La.) High School, offer him a full ride, and expect to see him on campus next summer.

No, it is going to take a unique relationship to land a player that looks like a young Adrian Peterson. The ‘Horns may have exactly that.

“A source in Louisiana told me over the weekend that one person who helped Texas’ chances of landing Jermaine Roberts (New Orleans, La./St. Augustine) is Texas point guard Javan Felix,” Hookem.com reported. “Felix is a St. Aug grad and the word I received is that Felix is friendly with not only Roberts, but five-star running back Leonard Fournette as well.”

Fournette still has his entire senior year to enjoy, and does not have to make any sort of decision until 2014 National Signing Day next February. However, the world of college football recruiting is one that never sleeps, and the introduction of Texas in the Fournette mix is yet another factor keeping LSU and Alabama up at night.

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