2015 Super Bowl betting odds: Seahawks early favorite to win SBXLIX

If you’re still in a malaise following the terribly disappointing Super Bowl XLVIII, maybe this will help wash some of the stench off: gambling odds for Super Bowl XLIX have been released. Huzzah!

To little surprise, the Seahawks come in as the favorites (even though teams rarely repeat). Their Super Bowl whipping boy Century BOB er Denver Broncos open with the third best odds (even though Super Bowl losers have enough trouble just making the playoffs).

Sucking hind-tit to win it all is Jacksonville, at 100-1 odds. Yes, they are behind a team drafting No. 1 (Houston is 40-1) and a team that every coach this side of Wade Philips reportedly passed on (Cleveland is 66-1).

Below are the odds, courtesy of Bovada. Choose wisely.