Aaron Murray’s go-ahead touchdown run against Auburn

For three quarters the Georgia Bulldogs found themselves overmatched against the Auburn Tigers. Entering the fourth quarter Georgia was down 17 points. Then they went down by 20.

Staring adversity in the eyes, senior quarterback Aaron Murray put the team on his shoulders. He led the Bulldogs to 21 unanswered points, on scoring drives of 75, 56 and 45 yards, respectively.

The final touchdown, however, was not without controversy. On fourth-and-goal, from the Auburn five yard line, Murray dropped back to pass. Unable to find anyone, he called his own number. Murray was met at the goal line by defenders, but made it into the end zone. Or did he?

Was he in or was he out? You be the judge.

[GIF: SB Nation]

  • Fbama

    It’s clear that the refs where paid by GA. Not just on this horrendous call.

    • SEC Refs R The Worst

      agree 100% – this one and the pass to Coates were BAD BAD calls

    • Tommy Phillips

      And the no call grounding on that drive.

      • Christ Stephens

        Exactly! It’s nice to hear someone else finally mention that.

    • tch4595

      UGA had nothing to do with the calls in the game. This was and SEC attempt to derail a surging team before they play the bell-cow (Bama) at home in two weeks. It isn’t in the conference’s financial interest to close the BCS title run with Bama loosing to Auburn. Since Auburn has only an outside chance of getting in the BCS title game, it will be an uphill battle against Bama just as it was against UGA. Expect another flag riddled 4th Qtr. in the Iron Bowl…

  • DAWGS13

    Either way, call it Karma, cause even if he didn’t make, there should have been a facemask penalty….

    & refs paid by GA ….seriously!!! Check out the “Miracle” pass….and look at the headlock holding that Ray Drew got from the offensive lineman!

    • tch4595

      The defender didn’t grab his facemask. Check the video. This pic shows his hand in front of the helmet. His head is turned because he was lit up as he approached the goal line… Oh and by the way, he didnt score. The synced video showed a knee down before the ball cam near the plain of the goal line.

  • Laura

    Absolutely not a touchdown. He was clearly down. Worse still was the no-call on his intentional grounding. But the better team won, in spite of the officiating.