Air Hockey + Rollerblading = Airblade

This one right here may have some legs. A new sporting concept called Airblade has combined air hockey and rollerblading into a life-size sport. Basically, players will skate around on a court that pumps air, making the puck levitate like in air hockey.

For a better visualization, here is Airblade’s video from Kickstarter:

Below are some specs of the new sport’s design concept and rules

  • The AirBlade Extreme Pro Rink will be 85’x 200’.
  • 2.2 million perforated holes, 2 megawatts of electricity
  • The translucent surface will be LED illuminated and air-pressurized to elevate the puck with near-zero friction, allowing crazy high velocity shots and uber fast gameplay.
  • LED lights to follow the puck, highlight players who score and sponsors alike.
  • The rink ends will be banked 6 ft high spanning 85′ (one long half pipe) for higher player speeds and skate tricks.
  • To amp up spectator excitement, we’ve designed 2-pointer slots in each net-goal––basically the hockey equivalent to the basketball 3-pointer.
  • We’re designing and constructing the rink modularly to facilitate easy set up and take-down as we take this new sport on the road to the athletic communities around the world.

If this sounds crazy, it is. But what the hell, it’s better than chess boxing or taser football. This is practical, and already has a foothold in the Ann Arbor community. Right now I can watch trampoline dodgeball on TV, why not some Airblading. Let’s do it.

[Next Impulse Sports]