AJ McCarron compares his Alabama program to New York Yankees

Photo: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports.

Photo: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports.

The fine folks over in Boston hate absolutely anything associated with the New York Yankees. For years, the Bronx Bombers would find ways to move past their divisional rivals, into the playoffs, and onto the World Series championship podium.

The same can be said of college football fans in Baton Rouge when the word “Alabama” is mentioned (read: carefully whispered). If it weren’t for Alabama’s dynasty over the last half-decade, LSU may have had itself another title ring or two in that time.

It has not happened however, and quarterback AJ McCarron is a huge reason why. Entering his third year as the starter in Tuscaloosa, the nation’s most efficient passer in 2012 boasts a record of 25-2 and already has two BCS championships as a starter to his credit – the only quarterback in history that will ever be able to say that (Tim Tebow was not the starter when Florida won its 2006 title, and the BCS is going to be scrapped following the 2013-14 season).

McCarron explained to ESPN’s Chris Low that he understands people are going to love to hate him, just like they treat the Yankees.

The Yankees and Alabama are a lot alike because we’re both the hunted at all times no matter where we go.

The Yankees go play Cleveland or the Kansas City Royals or anybody, and they’re going to be the team everybody wants to beat. It’s the same with us. Every week, we’ve got a target on our backs at all times. It’s no different off the field, either. You step out of your house, and people are watching you in everyday life to see if you’re going to mess up.

The truth of the matter is that McCarron is right. Everyone wants to beat Nick Saban and the Tide, yet no one save for Johnny Football has seemed to be able to do so lately.

Oh yeah, and did we mention his girlfriend graced Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue, while wearing his jersey? Yes, even the Tide’s players are rockstars just like the Yankees.

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