AJ McCarron calls out Darnell Docket on Twitter, things just got real

Ever since Brent Musberger lost his jaw over AJ McCarron’s model girlfriend, Katherine Webb, during the BCS National Championship game, she has been one of the hottest figures in America.

Webb gained overnight celebrity status in an instant, and Arizona Cardinals’ defensive end Darnell Docket was one of the first to notice, asking her out over Twitter.

Docket hasn’t stopped chasing America’s newest crush since, sending the following tweet on Friday.

Apparently, AJ isn’t so “lil” anymore, stepping up big time and calling out Docket on Twitter.

There’s no way Docket is going quietly into the night, especially now that McCarron is playing the game.

AJ, you’ve earned a whole new level of respect from us.

h/t Larry Brown Sports

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