AJ McCarron gets the boot on Alabama’s campus, where’s K Webb when he needs her? [Photo]

McCarron will be needing a ride home from campus if any lucky ladies want to do the honors. (Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports)

Where’s Katherine Webb when AJ McCarron needs her? Oh yea, that’s right, she’s busy hanging out with NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The star Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback got the boot on the University of Alabama’s campus on Tuesday. Could it be that Alabama is so used to winning that the players don’t even receive special treatment, especially when it comes to parking on campus?

There’s no way Johnny Football has this problem in College Station. He can’t because he doesn’t even frequent campus, electing to consume his college education via the internet.

Looks like McCarron should have just taken the Johnny Football route and stayed at home.

Despite the hold up, however, it has been confirmed that the Tide is still Rollin’.

h/t rolltide03 (via Reddit and imgur)

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