AJ McCarron continues to own Darnell Dockett on Twitter, Le’Ron McClain gets in on the action

If you ever wanted a glimpse into the crazy world that is Darnell Dockett’s mind, just give his Twitter account @ddockett a follow. Trust us when we say, you won’t be disappointed.

If anything, it will make you feel better about yourself, sort of how watching MTV’s Teen Mom does.

Dockett’s jaw dropped just as far as Brent Musberger’s did during the 2013 BCS National Championship game when the cameras caught a glimpse of AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Miss Alabama Katherine Webb.

The Arizona Cardinals’ defensive lineman wasted no time, asking Webb out via Twitter, because that’s the classy thing to do nowadays. Over Super Bowl weekend Docket hollered at Webb again, but this time McCarron was having none of it, calling him out.

Well, now Dockett has resorted to calling McCarron out, because he is getting no response from Webb.


Get ready for the owning that is about to happen (via The Victory Formation)…

Former Tide full back and current San Diego Charger, Le’Ron McClain, even got in on the action, calling Dockett out to box.


Stay tuned folks, this is only going to get better. Ball’s in your court Dockett.

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  • gator

    Dockett has been an abusive idiot since his day as a ‘hole.




    GO AJ