Alabama auctions off broken 2012 BCS Championship trophy for small fortune

[H/T reddit, photo via imgur]

Photo via imgur

If you haven’t noticed yet, in which case should probably get your head checked, Alabamans (Alabamians?) love their football. That statement holds true for both Crimson Tide and Tigers fans.

If you need more proof, however, we’ve got you covered. On Sunday, during the UA Celebrity Golf Tournament, the university auctioned off the broken 2011-12 BCS Championship trophy.

Before we get into the winning bid, let us remind you that this piece of memorabilia is broken.

Now that we got that out of the way, the shattered trophy sold for a reported $105,000.


The trophy was broken by Carlton Tinker, father of long snapper Carson, shortly after Alabama dominated LSU in the title game. The moment haunted Tinker’s dreams.

“At night, as I went to sleep, every time I closed my eyes,” Tinker said, “I kept seeing it roll off and hit the floor. That marble floor in the trophy room — it wasn’t going to be a soft landing. It shattered. It spread out all over the place.”

Now, maybe, Tinker can lay his broken-trophy demons to rest knowing that his mistake earned a whopping $105,000.

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