Troll Tide: Alabama fan hangs script “A” flag on Texas A&M sign

Let the hate flow through you …

All it took was one year in the league – and one monumental upset – for the Texas A&M Aggies to find themselves a new rival of defending national champion Alabama.

Following last season’s big win in Tuscaloosa, Johnny Manziel and Co. are primed to host the Tide in College Station.

From the looks of things, however, a Bama fan got to campus a day or two before his team did. He took the honors of opening up the trolling for both parties when he tossed the script “A” over a Texas A&M sign.

It’s a great move for a rival to make, although we personally are seeing a bit of a missed opportunity: Yes, it looks good in the middle, but what about putting it over the A in “A&M?” Luckily, it seems as if this rivalry – and the trolling done by both fan bases – is only just starting to get warmed up.

Troll Tide.