Delusional Alabama fan gives Nick Saban ultimatum following Sugar Bowl loss

It’s been a rough season for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Maybe not the worst season in school history, but definitely top-five. The problem: coaching. Saban, he’s getting senile.

Next year, it’s championship or bust. No improbable miracle play better derail the team. If so, it’s time to give Lord Saban the Mack Brown treatment. Stick a biscuit in his mouth, pat him on the head, and send him on his merry way.

Every great coach hits a wall. If we have to, we’ll just call that Harbaugh fella. Maybe that New England coach, Bill something – see if one of them is finally ready to step up to the big time. This is ‘Bama.

  • Bruce

    who is this freaking drunk? What is he on? He is a disgracd as a fan of Alabama if he really is or what that stupid red rag on his head really from Oklahoma. He is a total idiot. Did Saban ever play in one of those games this year? Heck no. He even was so messed up that he said if Bama would have won the ACC and they don’t play in the ACC. Weak Auburn and OKLAHOMA TEAMS, wow did he even watch the game. Who would be so stupid to go on tape and make a total ass out of themselves unless they are a total idiot. He definitely fits that title. Kiss our Tide butts will you dummy? Go recruit some defensive backs who can handle the hurry up offense and then see what will happen. Admit it that secondary has been weak all year long as well as the offensive line. That showed showed up the very first game of the year against a weak Va Tech team. NOW that is a weak team. Did Saban fumble the ball or throw any interceptions, no. How can you blame him you idiot

    • Shang_Tsung

      You should see the video he has from after the Auburn loss!!

  • Shang_Tsung

    Hmm is it me or did bama not lose 3 games in 2010????

  • Jake Beaty

    What a fucking moron.

  • Bama Karma Deb

    What a moron! I bet that redneck loses all his “true” Bama friends! It’s people like you that give Alabama a bad name! I love Alabama win, lose or draw! The team wins and loses as a team, you can’t blame 1 person, and surly not the coach! We’ve got 15 reasons to be happy! And we’re gonna be even better this year. You should be a shamed of yourself! JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS AND ALCOHOL! RTR

  • Jean Allen

    This guy lives at the Willa Wonka Chocolate Factory. Or maybe in the land of Oz. He definitely does not reside in the real world or he would not say the things he said about Nick Saban. He has forgotten the Mike Shula years, the Coach Fran ‘hold the rope’ disaster when he left under cover of darkness. Or the Mike Price ‘most beautiful woman in the world’ crack ho fiasco in Pensacola. We had been the laughing stock of CFB nation for about 10 years until NS showed up and we started kicking everybody’s a$$ and winning crystal footballs. Somebody needs to bitch-slap this yokel until his doo-rag falls off and then kick him in the arse when he bends over to pick it up. He is a complete and utter MAROON and an insult to college football fans EVERYWHERE.

  • Isabel McEniry

    I am a TRUE Bama fan and that guy is NOT! A true fan supports the team under any circumstances and that goes for Coach Saban, too. He is the best coach in America, IMO! We win together and we lose together WITH CLASS! Roll Tide Forever!

  • Jeff Rushing

    agree 100% with BKD

  • Kenneth Davis

    11-2 loss to the #11 team and a rival team that is in the NCG. thats not that bad. i bet he wasnt a bama fan during the shula days.

  • djohndjb

    Alabama folks be like, If we had, we should have, they got lucky, we are, look at our record, Typical Alabama moron. Thinks they should win them all. You break a kid down eventually when you keep preaching that stuff to them. You are the best, you are expected to win. You can’t lose you are the best. Well Bama wasn’t the best all year. They sputtered many times this year. Nick hates the hurry up offense because he can’t defend against it and he is a defensive coach. Oh well Dude sounded like a moron. My cousin went to the sugar bowl and said Bama’s offense and defense was a little flat? What the hell does that mean? OK wore those big 5 star defensive linemen down just like AUburn did with there hurry up offense. MORON. Alabama got out coached and out played!!!

  • HappyChik

    What a crazy person. Hey buddy how about Alabama or Nick Saban doesn’t want YOU as a fan. Find another football team and stop posting about ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE! Nobody needs you or your stupid opinions.

  • HappyChik

    Oh and RTR……you loon.

  • Tonya1976

    Just who is this “WE” he keeps talking about? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember seeing him out on that field working his ass off this season…..JERK!!!!

  • JSlaw

    “salvage the season”…shoulda been in the NC game…when is the last time we lost 2 games in a year?”….seriously!!!! DUDE….”weaker Oklahoma opponent”?… are an idiot!

  • Bigmartin3000

    The SEC is so overrated, when AUBURN loses – which they will It will become even more evident. Texas A&M barley beat DUKE !

    • Larenzo1

      The comment you just made sets you in the same league with the moron in the video. The SEC is the standard that all other conferences are judged by. The SEC wins more national championships than any conference. It is where the big boys play. So barely counts as a win in your book hahehe. You must be some lost ACC soul that has not won crap in so long you are bitter. The fact is the SEC cannot win the national title every year but it comes close. Oh by the way what conference has the most teams in bowl games and wins the most? Hint it is not the ACC

    • Larenzo1

      Bigfartin go smoke some more crack.

  • Skyler Zane

    I’m making a ringtone out of this mental-midget’s little speech. Let me make this clear, you little pinhead, you will NEVER get over that loss to Auburn and in your own stupid words “an even weaker Oklahoma team” skinned the crimson right off your fat Alabama butt and took it home to make more Oklahoma t-shirts!

  • Rusty Burton

    The only morons im sorry to say, are the Bama Fans, of which I am! This little fairy is N-O-B-O-D-Y.. His on state and fan base of UK hate him. He has been blocked off nearly every sight that has to do with UK basketball. Once this happened he tried to jump ship and become a member of Louisville’s basketball fan base. They dont even let him post on their sights anymore. He is a pussy with a whore for a mama and cock sucker for a daddy.. Why would anybody even bat an eye at this piece of wannabee nothing. A black hole of nothingness! And whoever you actually are,and cant understand why i am filling these people in about you, then perhaps you might need a non-verbal face to face explanation. Which, will make you real clear on shit. In case you are wandering or you actually arent a coward. I have to go to evansville, IN at the end of the week and have no problem swinging through Kentucky and taking care of you on the way.

  • Rusty Burton

    You are a pussy and your mama is a whore. If knew what your address was i come take care right now. Where you at pussy