Bonehead move of the day: Alabama jeweler loses BIG on Iron Bowl bet

Even Gene Chizik is confused about this move. (John Reed-US PRESSWIRE)

This one is a definite head scratcher. In a year where Auburn has barely managed to find their way onto the football field, the last thing anyone would want to do is leave “tens of thousands of dollars” hanging in the hands of the Tigers football team.

That’s exactly what Alabama jeweler Jeff Dennis did prior to the 2012 edition of the Iron Bowl.

Dennis decided it was a good idea to wager the purchases at his store of 300-plus customers on the grounds that he would provide full refunds if either of the teams were shut out of the game.

Did he watch Gene Chizik and Co. this year? The meaning of a touchdown has practically been forgotten on The Plains.

Now that the dust has settled on the 49-0 curb-stomping of the Tigers, Dennis will be owing “tens of thousands of dollars” to customers who made purchases between Nov. 16-23.

Not too shabby of a deal for those lucky enough to have needed some new jewelry over the Thanksgiving holiday break.

“There were some tense moments in my house in the third and fourth quarters and I was probably the only home that was a little concerned, but it’s all good. I’m insured, so we’re having fun,” Dennis told CBS 42.

Even Chizik has to be scratching his head on this one.


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  • Melody Adams

    He was insured.

  • John

    He won big! The story I read at other sources have quoted him as having an insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London. A policy that was less than the increase in business he got. Id say he WON big. Specially with the free advertising he’s getting, even if they’re not writing the whole story.

  • Gdaledad12

    I think whoever wrote this article is a Moron. You need to investigate and get all the facts before you spout off.

  • Robert Carter

    Great researching, folks. Who’s the bonehead now? (Full disclosure: I’m the author of this article.)

    • my2cents

      you are still the bonehead. Jeff Dennis is a good man, treats his customers well and I’m pretty sure he was well aware of what the outcome could very well be. It was great publicity for him, he’s happy he made money and his customers are happy and alot of them are turning around and buying more jewelry with their refunds, so he wins again.

  • Tricia Hyman

    Bonehead move? To be 100% insured, to be able to give away tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, refunding the purchase price to each customer, not to mention the free.
    advertisement in newspapers inside and outside the State of Alamo, television coverage both in the State of Alabama as well as across the United States, huge coverage via internet and coverage on all major cable news network. Hmmm….Brilliant business strategy. Bonehead Move would be inaccurate posting without checking facts.

  • Bob Walker

    Rick Reilly has NO credibility…zero, zip, nada. Get your facts right before you print them. Why don’t you talk to the owner before you slander him. It is so obvious you plagerized USA today just to have something to print although you technically did footnote USA today. They should have called the store as well.

  • Georgie Watts Brent

    I have known Jeff since high school, he is a wonderful man. He was insured with LLoyds of London, and he didn’t lose, he won BIG. The free publicity alone would be enough but the good will to his customers will bring them back, and their friends. Jeff is a genius.This writer , however, is not.

  • Roll Tide Roll 49-0!!

    I-N-S-U-R-A-N-C-E – Do you understand the CONCEPT? Jeff Dennis had insurance. Lloyds of London was the only “loser” minus the premium payment. It was a GREAT business decision and promotion. Please educate yourself before writing such half-truths just to have a headline that is inaccurate. Only bonehead is the author of this article. Jeff is still receiving dividends from this promotion due to such articles. The ‘ole saying applies here too – no such thing as bad publicity – even when an article is boneheaded and half true. I-N-S-U-R-A-N-C-E – Look it up – it is a novel concept.