Monday Man of the Hour: Jeremy Shelley aka “Mr. Perfect”


Alabama Crimson Tide kicker Jeremy Shelley (5) watches his kick against the Michigan Wolverines at Cowboys Stadium. (Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE)

During the 2011 season, Alabama’s Achilles heel was the kicking game. The Crimson Tide’s offense wasn’t as explosive as it is this year and Jeremy Shelley was relied on more than he is now.

Alabama’s overtime loss to LSU in 2011 could have been won with a single kick, and the kickers received much of the blame for losing.

Sometimes it takes one bad game to pull out a kicker’s true potential and transform him into something great. Google “Leigh Tiffin 2006 Arkansas” for a prime example.

Since that game, Shelley has been on fire kicking. He accounted for 15 of the Tide’s 21 points in the BCS title game and carried out slow and painful revenge on the Tigers. His roll carried over into this season as well.

Through the regular season, Shelley has been Alabama’s “Mr. Perfect.” He is a perfect 10/10 on field goals and a perfect 60/60 on extra points. Only two other kickers in the country can claim regular season perfection on all kicks.

Shelley’s job is nowhere close to being over. If the Tide needs him for a clutch kick or two on Saturday then he will be there to rise to the challenge.

In the meantime, he will be trotting on the field after every touchdown and striving for excellence.

That is what it takes to be a true Man of the Hour.

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