Alabama boots Notre Dame in cartoon by Pixar animator Austin Madison [Photo]

Before earning a trip to Miami to take on then-No. 1 Notre Dame, Alabama had to hold on against an elite Georgia team that wound up only five yards short of beating the Tide and heading to the 2013 BCS title game themselves.

Basically, without a conference championship game to play, a teensy-weensy little Fighting Irish guy sat back and watched as two heavyweights beat each other up over sixty minutes of spectacular game play.

The depiction of a mammoth Red Elephant taking on a bull-ish Bulldog with an Irish dude waiting in the wings made the rounds around the interwebs prior to the epic SEC Championship game — and it proved to be a prophetic, “before” picture after Alabama slapped around Notre Dame, 42-14, to take home its third crystal ball in a four-year span.

BEFORE: To check out the “before” picture, click here

For your enjoyment, Alabama and SEC fans, here is the “after” picture, courtesy of Austin Madison of Pixar Productions.

Cartoon courtesy Austin Madison

The rich get richer; Alabama earns commitments from a top running back and the best ILB in the nation.