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Alabama fan files petition to replace Verne Lundquist, Gary Danielson

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Cred: Twitter: @CapstoneHumor

Alabama Crimson Tide fans apparently love After the Tide lost to rival Auburn on one of the most spectacular plays in college football history, fans filed a protest that Chris Davis was out of bounds. Now an Alabama fan has filed a petition to remove CBS Sports’ SEC stalwarts Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson from the air.

In an interview with Elizabeth Brown of the Columbia Missourian, petition organizer Andy Bearden explained how he felt SEC fans were given short shrift by having to listen to Lundquist and Danielson.

“I believe this petition is very important because the greatest conference in college football deserves to have the best commentators calling the biggest game every Saturday,”

Bearden feels that the announcers are past their prime, biased and incompetent. Below is a transcript of the petition.

Ask any SEC football fan what’s the worst thing they can hear on a Saturday? You’d think they would say that their team lost. But that’s not true! Most of them would say the worst thing they can hear is that their school’s football game is the featured game on CBS. Why would that be so bad? Because the commentators are Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist! These men are WAY past their prime in sportscasting, and it’s time we get some fresh new faces who can actually do a good job! Gary and Verne often forget names or players, coaches, etc. and call them a completely different name. Their commentary is extremely negative for most of the game. They are also two of the most biased commentators on TV. They cannot remain neutral at all! They pick their team in the game and constantly berate the other team! Any college football fan will tell you that the commentary adds so much to the game, but in Gary and Verne’s case it completely ruins the game! We, as college football fans, are BEGGING you to consider replacing Gary and Verne! We need fresh new faces who make us anticipate and WANT to watch our teams play instead of completely dreading it! If you don’t believe me about how badly everyone wants Gary and Verne to go, just check out CBSSports’ Facebook page or search Twitter for mentions of them. You’ll find post after post of people saying how awful they are, and that It’s time for them to go!

Judging by the Wikipedia update to Gary Danielson’s page during the SEC Championship Game, Bearden is not the only fan who dislikes the duo. As of writing, the petition has 3,016 of 6,984 needed supporters.

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