Alabama fans are petitioning Chris Davis’ Iron Bowl return, claim he was out of bounds

Leave it up to Alabama fans to petition arguably the greatest ending in college football history. Chris Davis navigated the left sidelines as he took a missed field goal 109 yards for the game-winning touchdown in the 2013 Iron Bowl. Some (delusional) Tide fans, however, believe that Davis stepped out of bounds.

A petition has been started on for the NCAA and SEC to force Alabama and Auburn to play overtime. The title reads, “NCAA Football and SEC Commissioner: Chris Davis was clearly out of bounds. Make this right for everyone and play overtime from the Iron Bowl 2013.”

Following are details of the petition:

Chris Davis from Auburn was clearly out of bounds in running the missed field goal back for a touchdown in the 2013 Iron Bowl. There was way to much riding on this game for that to have been missed- a SEC Championship and National Championship. I think they should put together an overtime play for Auburn and Alabama. Yes, I know how impossible that sounds and how much trouble it will be BUT sometimes you have to make wrongs RIGHT and with so much riding on that game the SEC and NCAA needs to make it right for the players, university, fans, coaches, SEC and SPORTS in general. And if they don’t like the hassel then go out and make sure your employees, the refs, are not making such HUGE mistakes. And the refs needs to be punished for not even reviewing the play because it wasn’t even close- he was CLEARLY out of bounds. Its not fair to say that this is over and overtime can’t be played now just because of how much trouble this would be to put together. It was wrong….and you need to make it right regardless of the hassel.
SEC and NCAA- do the right thing and make this right for everyone involved!!

Despite the fact that Davis clearly didn’t step out of bounds, the petition had 523 signatures as of writing.

There is never a dull moment in the Iron Bowl rivalry.

*UPDATE* 4:20 p.m. ET – The petition has officially closed at 706 supporters.

  • KT

    I think that Alabama should have reviewed the play for sure. The camera angles in all the videos I’ve seen are very hard to tell if he stepped out of bounds or not. It looked probable for sure, but as I said I can’t get a clear enough look. Not that it changes anything, but it would be interesting.

    • ShirleyYouCan’tBeSerious

      It was reviewed. He didn’t go out of bounds. It’s not probable, it’s not even plausible.

      • Kim Wood Payne

        The pic is from a different game Yall, that is 41, look closely 11 is on the side Lines..

  • BWicker

    I’m sure Alabama fans would also have no problem with going back and correcting a few similar calls that have gone their way over the past few years. After all, national titles are at stake and they surely want to make things right.

  • Talula

    Poor sportsmanship is not becoming of you. Let it be.

  • Denise Rhodes

    to Rachel C from Dadeville, AL. I am speaking for myself and hopefully a lot of other “ignorant” fans. The play should have been reviewed over and over till there wasn’t any doubt that it was a legal play. If you are so smart go back and read what you said in your comment and see if you are as smart as you think you are. “If you that great,” shouldn’t the correct grammar have been your or added are to your comment. Now who is stupid and ignorant. This is from a TRUE REDNECK CRIMSON TIDE FAN WHO LIVES BAMA FOOTBALL!

    • Nancy Beauford Chance


    • Ryan

      Shouldn’t it be you’re and not your since you are not showing ownership?

    • LouisianaMan

      Denise — Actually, it should have been “you’re” and not “your”

    • Lsuibleedpurpleandgold

      Actually it would be you’re, meaning you are.

  • Denise Rhodes

    and to harley waltman from Mobile I totally agree. I am not whinning but when its wrong its wrong

  • Joe DeGregorio

    When video clearly shows Davis NEVER stepped out of bounds, this petition is a moot point.
    Sorry bama fans, We know your seriously Butt hurt, but reality is reality and you lost the game fair and square.
    If you want to blame someone, blame your Coach since he’s the one who lost the game for you..
    All Saban had to do was have AJ take a knee and then you go into overtime where the odds are even..

  • ShirelyYouCan’tBeSerious

    Of course it wasn’t reviewed heavily. It was abundantly clear that he never got very close to being out of bounds at all. Maybe Alabama fans should be more upset that their coach didn’t prepare the team for that play at all. It’s pretty much SOP when kicking very long field goals to watch out for the potential of a return.

  • Danielle Waldmann


    • Peewee

      Read my post above to Bama fans to see where I stand but if you think Coach Saban was scared then you are not only the ignorant one who knows nothing about football.

    • HaterX.

      Stop yelling!

    • grammatically correct

      Auburn did “WELL”… typical cow college


    When the only way you can win is to rush the field before the review…THAT’S what is pathetic…he was CLEARLY out of bounds….

    • peewee

      Not even close Bama. We lost, get over it.

    • Beth Dominy

      I’m not a Bama fan but he did step out of bounds

      • peewee

        Beth you must have not watched the game he DID not step out of bounds. I hate that we lost and especially the way we lost. But the fact remains he was in bounds the entire way.


    And Danielle Waldmann…it’s called grammar and spelling dear…Take a class…..

  • kingstonbs

    Not every Alabama fan feels this way…. period

  • Peewee

    OK let me set the record straight here. Davis DID NOT!!!! I REPEAT DID NOT step out of bounds. Yall so called Bama fans who are whining and crying about it need to read what I am about to say. There is no bigger Bama fan than I am but read and head this. Ok I posted this on a Bama Fan page I am on and now I will put it out there for everyone Whining and Crying about the game yesterday.
    It’s not the first game we have lost and it will not be the last one. Does it hurt? Yes! Will the world end? No!! So Suck it up put on your big girl panties and that goes for the guys out there whining like babies cause yall must be wearing panties too!!! And move on!!! We still have more football to prepare for and play.


    So pathetic, yet typical for Alabama Fans. They are POOR SPORTS IN WINNING AND LOSING AS WELL. SO GLAD THAT AUBURN BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU. HEY ALABAMA, HEY ALABAMA–AUBURN JUST BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU, RAMMER JAMMER, YELLOW HAMMER–WHAT HAPPENED ALABAMA???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • peewee

      We lost. Your point?

      • MARYLSU


        • peewee

          not my petition Mary. You must not have read my post above. But your a LSU fan right? So besides hating on Bama why are you here?

    • JB

      700 fans out of 3 million. Take your Xanax babe. I believe we beat LSU so move along now like a good girl.

    • JB

      A 6 point win is not getting the “hell” beat out of you…exaggerate much?? What Alabama did to LSU the last 3 meetings is a beat down.

  • John Edwards

    TYPICAL Both of these school have the worst along with Florida fans and Lsu fans they broke out windows on the UT Team bus a few years ago Florida fans peeing in cups and dropping them on visitors (UT) Fans I always hv had respect and No problems with Bama fans but the schools I listed hv the worst fans ( it is a game) and I know there are some Bad UT Fans but never on this level S.C fans are the respectable…Gator ,LSU and AU Fans are the worst but to actually petition when your coaches didnt cover the play and it was coaches that didnt hv the right players in to make a tackle if need be… U lost Bama ! Now shut up! …. and AU will lose to mizzo and there you have it! love to see DUKE BEAT FSU! That would shake it up . And to say that was the greatest college game ever(not) the way it ended is in the top 10 !

  • lsu fan

    Well I think we should go back and replay Patrick Peterson’s catch in Tuscaloosa when the refs clearly did not see that huge footprint still in bounds. Take your loss bama and zip it.

  • gman244

    Alabama, do you remember Patrick Peterson? You guys are just a bunch of cry babies and a sore loser!

    • peewee

      And you were on the sideline in the huddle and heard what CNS told the players? In your dreams!! He attempted the field goal because Adam make them all day long in practice.

      • gman244

        “In practice” are the key words. 1 out of 2 in games, and that one only 20yds. And no I was not in the huddle before the attempted field goal. But the reaction of the Alabama players just standing around after the kick tells me somebody did not talk to them. They only began to chase after Davis when it was to late.

        • JB

          That’s “too” late. Just saying.

          • gman244

            Thanks for the correction.

  • JoeDrager

    Davis was so far out of bounds he could have poured himself a cup of Gatorade.

  • HaterX.

    Gumps gonna Gump…

  • yolomcswaggin

    Pshh auburn will never be better than alabama, all auburn has is luck. There not skilled at anything except sucking. Dont try to aegue that he didnt step out of bounds cuz he did. RAMMER JAMMER YELLOW HAMMER! AUBURN IS SHIT! Thank u and have a nice day:P

  • un.biast

    He was out. I have footage from the endzone cam. He was running towards, and it shows him stepping out. This needs to be fixed, I know the NCAA is corrupt. But that is Unexcusable!

    • Stephen with a PH

      In order: no, he wasn’t. No, no you don’t. No, it doesn’t No, it doesn’t, and perhaps they are, but they surely have more corruption to facilitate than taking away your precious 3-peat. The word is inexcusable, without capitalization.

  • Bama Karma Deb

    He got kicked out of Georgia for stealing, then went to auburn and robbed Alabama…lmao … They get all the thieves!

  • Zach Lewis

    I often wonder why so many people hate Alabama fans as a general rule. It’s things like this that help clarify that for me. We do have a small group of ignorant a-holes that every time they open their filthy sewers, gems like this one come spewing out. The fans that support this, obviously did NOT watch the game. We got out played, out coached and when time ran out, we were behind. We lost. It is not the first time nor will it be the last. For those of you that drafted or signed this petition, there are a lot of other programs out there that do not have the proud history that Alabama and Auburn football programs have that would probably love to have you as a fan. Please hang your head and leave, you will not be missed.

  • Bob Sicard

    wow…I’ve been an avid LSU fan for life, but always respectful of Alabama’s success until this. jeeze….bama…quit ur bitchin & learn to lose like anyone else. pretty childish behavior.

  • AuburnOwnsBama


    It is a fact. Bama can’t beat a good Auburn team. Look at the records. Bama can only beat Auburn when they are down. Auburn beats bama when we are in the top 15.

  • Kathy Barger McCracken

    He WAS out of bounds!

  • joker69461

    The whole thing is moot. If there was some type of problem with the play then Saben had all the opportunity to challenge the call. If the Alabama fans who created this petition truly knew the rules of the game they would see it is not up to the commissioners to change this game. The opportunity for challenging the call was up to your coach. If he Davis did step out then blame your Saben for your loss and quit whining about a good game that you lost.

  • bama fan

    it was fixed from the start.bama made plays when they wanted to and then layed down to let auburn win. how does a guy not miss a field goal all year then miss three in the same game? and when has anyone ever seen a receiver in the end zone during a field goal kick?

  • SEC fan

    You can tell that pick was tampered with, I recorded the game with my DVR and there was no way he was out of bounds. I am neither an Auburn fan or Bama fan, I am an SEC fan!

  • mimi

    This is video evidence that Chris Davis did not step out of bounds for all the bama fans that are petitioning. That picture that they keep sharing on fb has been edited. His heel never touched the ground. SMH!!!! EXCUSES, EXCUSES!

  • jeremy black

    EVERY yuppy tide fan wanted a second put on the clock and ya got it. Saban come up with his game plan. Gus calls time and puts special teams in and by know we all know what happened. Saban and his ENTIRE coaching staff was OUT COACHED by a first year HC. The run back by Davis is the Greatest ending ever of any sporting event. WDE!!

  • fbama

    These redneck/ bama/gump comments have made my day. Yall are pathetic. Crying like little babies. Roll tears roll.

  • iron_man

    I seen the picture! Can you say photo shop? in that picture Chris Davis is not only out of bounds, he is also on the sideline cheering himself on!!!

  • E.A

    The guy from Auburn was clearly NOT out of bounds. I Don’t trust that picture at all, and neither will any officials. I am not an Auburn fan.I am not an Alabama fan.But, I know EXACTLY how Alabama feels, and it SUCKS!! A win, is a win!! Everyone knows that Alabama is the better team…Auburn has had a great season..Good for them! Alabama is still the best in the SEC, and has been for years.

  • dancingturtle


  • MOFarmer

    .I like Alabama and Auburn, because i know some friends who are associated with both. And when it comes to football, there aint nothing like watching 2 SEC teams go head to head. Auburn won the game, Bama lost, end of story, nuff said, let it be, and record it in history books. I only got one more thing to say— GO GEORGIA BULLDOGS!!!

  • RedRover

    Dear Alabama Fans,

    There is a salve for that butthurt. Ask at your local pharmacy.


  • 1967Freedom2012

    losers… get over it..

  • JB

    700 people out of 3 million or so Bama fans sign a petition and that’s news and worthy of putting down the Tide nation? …Listen, I signed a petition the two years prior for Saban to stop embarrassing the Auburn “family” with the annual “arrrse” whooping. He listened!!


    Sore Losers. Bama has a good team and great history, DO NOT jeopardize that with this trivial attempt to produce a Bama win. Auburn played a very, very good game, Auburn coach out coached Saban, . Auburn. hold your head high, you took on Bama and beat them, period.

  • EffAubum

    Last time I checked auburn is in alabama too? just as many redneck trailor trash losers there too,recruiting thuggish criminals. where were yall hiding last season?Damn warbuzzards had to stoop to playing alabama a&m to even get 3 wins last season. buying wins & players now thats pathetic bishes