Report: Alabama Swimmer Tragically Dies In Tuscaloosa Storms

Tragedy struck the University of Alabama in the wake of a Monday night’s thunderstorms. Junior swimmer John Servati was killed while in his basement when the severe weather swept through Tuscaloosa. It was almost exactly three years ago (April 27, 2011) that a devastating tornado crippled Tuscaloosa and other parts of Alabama, leaving a total of 61 people dead, six of which were UA students.

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Between 4 p.m. and midnight, Tuscaloosa received 2.13 inches of rain and 13,000 outages were experienced as storms swept through west Alabama. According to a news release, 213 calls were made to 311 — Tuscaloosa’s non-emergency call center — while police and fire responded to 190 calls during the long-term severe weather event.

A 21-year-old man was killed on 22nd Avenue after a basement wall collapsed on top of him. Another person was injured, though, details surrounding the cause of injury wasn’t made available.

Officials are scheduled to meet with the media and provide further updates at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

University of Alabama’s Denny Chimes Instagram accountt shared the following message:

Rest in Peace, John Servati. John was a member of Alabama’s Swimming Team and was killed early this morning from the storms. He and his girlfriend were seeking shelter from the tornadoes when a cement wall collapsed on them. He shoved her out of the way as the wall fell on him. There is no greater love than sacrifice. Thank you for everything you did, John. Rest in peace.