Was the purple and yellow confetti at Super Bowl 47 from last year? Alabama thinks so

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Baltimore Ravens free safety Ed Reed (20) celebrates winning the Super Bowl. Was all that purple and yellow confetti left over from last year? (Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)

Cold, indeed.

But hilarious.

After the Baltimore Ravens narrowly defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the Superdome, confetti showered down upon all the players, coaches, refs, and basically the entire field — and it was yellow and purple.

The Ravens’ colors are yellow and purple, and so are those of the LSU Tigers. Last season, LSU took on Alabama in the BCS National Championship game, but lost 21-0 in the Superdome.

Did the stadium’s organizers simply save all of the confetti from last season and pump it into the building following the Ravens’ big win?

We are left to draw our own conclusions, but Alabama’s equipment department already has. Their tweet was deleted, but not before being re-tweeted and sent into the stratosphere.

All we can say is thank you Twitter for providing no filter on the brain’s of individuals that run accounts.

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