Alfred Morris doesn’t have time for reporters, Chick-fil-A is calling

Alfred Morris definitely has his to-do list, and it doesn’t include discussing the Washington Redskins or fired head coach Mike Shanahan following a disappointing 3-13 season.

As reporters lined up outside of the Redskins’ facilities on Monday morning, Morris, a Shanahan draft pick in 2012, refused to speak. His reasoning: if he didn’t leave immediately, he would miss the Chick-fil-A breakfast. Kent Babb of The Washington Post shared the following:

Another Shanahan draft pick, running back Alfred Morris, also declined to speak Monday morning, saying he needed to leave immediately if he was to make it to Chick-fil-A before it stopped serving breakfast.

Chick-fil-A likely wasn’t his only reasoning for not talking, but in the case that it was, I can’t fault him. Have you ever had the fast food chain’s chicken biscuit? It’s to die for.

In fact, it’s time to wrap this post up; Chick-fil-A is calling for lunch.