Andre Ware rips Oklahoma State, Mike Gundy for blocking QB Wes Lunt’s transfer options

Oklahoma State Cowboys quarterback Wes Lunt (11) prior to the game against the Purdue Boilermakers at the Cotton Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Now-former Oklahoma State Cowboys quarterback Wes Lunt (11) looks relaxed here, but his college football future currently hangs in the balance as he weighs his transfer options. (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)

While most schools nationwide scramble to find a quarterback with a live arm and who can win games for them in 2013, Mike Gundy at Oklahoma State has been busy enjoying an embarrassment of riches.

Wes Lunt and JW Walsh both won games for Gundy during their freshman years in 2012, however, they weren’t the only weapons Gundy had at his disposal. Clint Chelf, a soon-to-be senior, also contributed to the win column for the Cowboys.

The coach was spending the winter and spring trying to figure out who was going to be his starter come fall when Lunt informed him of his decision to transfer. While nothing had been announced publicly, Lunt must have fallen behind Walsh and Chelf in the quarterbacking derby and was hoping to start anew on a different campus.

However, Gundy blocked Lunt from transferring to any school in the Pac-12, Big 12 or the SEC, as well as Southern Miss and Central Michigan, according to ESPN.

If that sounds like a massive chunk of schools to you, well, former Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware (Houston) agrees. The former superstar Cougars quarterback ripped Gundy’s antics during College Football Live on Monday, implying that the coach let his ego get in the way of a kid’s future (via Coaching Search).

“I think Mike Gundy’s ego took a blow.  The kid went into his office and said hey I want to transfer. You talk competing as a coach all the time.  Compete, compete, compete.  Well, you don’t want to compete against this kid down the road.  He wasn’t good enough to be your starter, but you don’t want to compete against him in future years. It makes no sense.  It’s his future that is at stake.”

As for the restriction itself, Ware believes it is simply too overarching. Keeping him out of the Big 12 makes sense, but anywhere beyond that is just excessive.

“Going to Oklahoma or Baylor, I can understand the restriction there,” said Ware.

Ware’s fellow panelist on the ESPN program, Ed Cunningham, agreed wholeheartedly. In fact, he took it a step further by calling out every coach who has ditched out on a program and all the players those coaches recruited (for the record, Gundy interviewed at Tennessee before signing a fat extension to stay home).

“To me, until we have some type of rule of what a coach can do, because a coach can leave tomorrow.  They can leave right now and go coach somewhere else right now and not be restricted.  Until we talk about the realities of that and that fairness,  I say no restrictions.  If you can’t keep a kid in your program, I say tough.”

There are three major reasons Gundy and the program have placed such heavy transfer restriction on the 6-foot-4, 211-pounder out of Rochester, Illinois. First, Lunt requested to transfer “closer to home” and none of the schools in the Pac-12, SEC or the rest of the Big 12 are “close to home.” Second, Gundy believes the coaches at some schools may have been talking to Lunt before he announced his intention to transfer, which is definitely not legal.

Finally, and this is one of the things Ware harps on, is the fact that Gundy doesn’t want to face Lunt on the remote chance the Cowboys and Lunt’s new team meet in a bowl game in the future.

Hey, Gundy’s a man. He’s 40. He can do what he wants.

As for Lunt, he completed 61.8-percent of his passes for six touchdowns and seven picks in his true freshman season. In a Week 2, 59-38 win over Arizona, he completed 37 of a whopping 60 pass attempts for 436 yards, four scores and three picks.

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