USC coach Andy Enfield takes shot at UCLA coach Steve Alford

There are few things better in the world than college rivalries. Take UCLA vs. USC, for example. The two schools share the same town and have hated each other for years.

New USC basketball coach Andy Enfield added fuel to the rivalry fire recently during a Men’s Journal interview. Enfield told Steven Rodrick of MJ just how he feels about UCLA’s new coach, Steve Alford.

“I don’t worry about them,” said Enfield with a smile. “I’ve made it to one Sweet Sixteen in two years, and he’s made it to one Sweet Sixteen in 18 years.”

In just his second year as a head coach, Enfield took unheralded Florida Gulf Coast to the Sweet Sixteen in 2012. FGCU, better known as “Dunk City,” became a household name overnight.

Alford, on the other hand, has been to just one Sweet Sixteen in 18 years of head coaching at the DI level – a number that Enfield is well aware of.

Enfield currently has his Trojans at 4-1 on the year, while Alford’s Bruins are 3-0.

The two will meet on the court Jan. 5, in what’s turning into a must-see basketball event in Los Angeles.