Announcer for Colorado Avalanche calls Peter McNab ‘Penis’, oops [Video]

hockey announcers say penis on air

Freudian slip, anyone? (Photo courtesy BroBible)

In an effort to prove once again that, no matter how old we are or how mature we think we are, a good old ‘penis’ slip-up on-air can make anyone giggle, we bring you Kyle Keef, one of the announcers for the Colorado Avalanche.

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Following the Avs’ 3-4 loss at the hands of the Calgary Flames, Keef announced that ‘Penis McNab’ — not Peter McNab — would be joining the show for some post-game analysis.

If you managed to read that last sentence without giggling, you are a bigger person than we are. If you don’t at least crack a smile during the video, then you just don’t have a pulse.

Or, of course, you are a mature adult, which is, again, more than we can say about ourselves at times.

h/t: BroBible

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