Anthony “Spice” Adams challenges Sammy Sosa’s Pinterest account, is this our first Pinterest-off?

Anthony “Spice” Davis does his best Sammy Sosa impersonation. (Photo viaPinterest)

Thank you Sammy Sosa for starting a Pinterest revolution. Just a few weeks back, Sosa unveiled his new Pinterest account, which was a mistake on so many levels.

It was only a matter of time until someone had some fun with the ex-home run slugger, and luckily for us it was Anthony “Spice” Adams.

The former Chicago Bears defensive tackle has dedicated a whole entire board on his Pinterest account to Sosa, titled “Sammy Sosa Inspired Pics.”

Sammy even chimes in on the photo above, stating “This is my favorite too!”

Do you think Sosa gets it yet, or does he actually think he inspired Adams?

Sammy Sosa. Yes, I’m the real Sammy Sosa, and this is my Pinterest.

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