Baylor coach Art Briles takes to Twitter for two reasons: Recruiting and the Stanky Leg

“Hey guys, just go ahead and do the stanky leg.” (Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports)

There’s only one Art Briles and luckily for us, the Baylor coach is now officially on Twitter. As SB Nation pointed out on Monday, Briles is apparently using his account as a recruiting tool by following a ton of high school football prospects.

But is Briles using it just for recruiting? Not so fast my friends.

Baylor’s head coach wants you to also know that he is, in fact, super hip and up to date on the current dance styles (if you can really call the “Stanky Leg” a dance).

Who knows, maybe the Stanky Leg has been the secret sauce behind his Baylor Bears’ success over the past few years.

The Big 12 can only hope that they will get a peek into the man’s mind with his new found love for social media.

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