Location of Atlanta Braves’ new stadium confirmed

On Monday it was announced that the Atlanta Braves will be leaving their long-time home, Turner Field, following the 2016 MLB season.

The franchise plans to build a brand new, $672 million stadium on the north side of the city. It’s a move that places the team in a much better location in terms of filling up the stands and bringing in more revenue.

“We wanted to find a location that was great for our fans, makes getting to and from the stadium much easier, and provides a first rate game day experience in and around the stadium,” said  John Schuerholz. “Turner field, which we do not own, is in needs of hundreds of millions of dollars of upgrades. Unfortunately, that massive investment would not do anything to improve access or the fan experience. These are issues we simply cannot overcome.”

It was initially announced that the new stadium would be in Cobb County. Now we get our first look at the exact location – Circle 75 and Windy Ridge Parkway (across the street from the Boy Scouts headquarters) – courtesy of WSB-TV.

atlanta braves new stadium location

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