Atlanta Falcons disinfect locker room after hosting Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Atlanta Falcons busted out the hazmat suits following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ visit on Sunday. The Bucs have been suffering from a highly publicized case of MRSA – an absolutely gruesome, sometimes fatal version of a staph infection.

Once the Falcons were finished dispatching of Tampa Bay on the field, winning 31-23, the franchise wanted to make sure all remnants of the Buccaneers were out of the Georgia Dome altogether – quite literally.

These photos from Kevin O’Donnell and a report from Fox affiliate in Tampa Bay show Atlanta employees ridding their building of any and all MRSA. Hopefully.

falcons disinfect locker room

Three members of the Buccaneers have been diagnosed with the infection: Rookie cornerback Johnthan Banks, guard Carl Nicks and kicker Lawrence Tynes.

Banks has returned to the team. Nicks tried to after he was medically cleared in Week 3, only to learn that his MRSA symptoms had reappeared. Finally, Tynes has filed an injury grievance report with the team.

As for the Bucs’ own cleanup efforts, they have cleaned their facilities twice in an effort to rid themselves of this extremely serious issue.

Will every hosting team take these same precautionary measures?

falcons disinfect locker room 1

  • FloridaBoyee

    Even the long, lost descendants of the decades of Buccaneers are asking for a change of name, because of the shame the modern day Buccaneers has given their ancestors. There was a time in history, that being a Buccaneer was full of glory and respect, but now even the disease MRSR has no respect for a Buccaneer! At lest the Redskins get respect!

  • bongoman55

    Not on thy staff, but about their staph.

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