Atlanta Hawks are selling tickets for the 2013 NBA Playoffs on Living Social

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atlanta hawks livingsocial playoff tickets

Whelp, it’s official: Atlanta is one of the worst sports cities in America.

How else to explain a decade’s worth of playoff appearances by the Atlanta Braves and a decade’s worth of headlines stating how the team was having trouble selling out National League Championship Series?

Now, the same city that didn’t feel like watching Greg Maddox, John Smoltz or Tom Glavin pitch in the postseason doesn’t want to watch their basketball team, either.

The Atlanta Hawks have been forced to turn to Living Social to sell tickets for as low as $16 a pop.

Do the Hawks have a chance at beating Miami should Josh Smith and Co. advance that far? Probably not, but that’s besides the point.

Get out and support your team, people — heck, it’s less than watching an IMAX movie, folks.

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  • Gordon Lott

    -There are other ways to explain why Atlanta teams have trouble selling out playoff games:
    1) Not everybody works from a laptop writing seven sentence articles on the internet. They have long hours and then some of the worst traffic in the country to deal with. Some people still have to go to work, even during the playoffs.
    2) Not the friendliest area around Atlanta stadiums back in the 90’s. The area has cleaned up since then. As for the Hawks, well they are the Hawks. Maybe fans don’t like spending their hard earned money to go see an average team lose in the playoffs.
    3) If you included hockey in your research then you don’t realize that Hockey didn’t belong in Atlanta anyways. Hockey is really not a southern demographic interest.
    -Atlanta has good fans and is a good srorts town! It’s not the fans fault that there is only ONE championship that belongs to Atlanta sports. The ownership of the Hawks need to do a better job of putting together a team that has the ability to win in the playoffs and not just make the playoffs.(if they want to sell more tickets)