PHOTO: No use asking for wins, Krystal marquee has officially given up on Auburn

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Photo courtesy The War Eagle Reader

In a hilarious turn of events for Alabama fans, or really anyone not in anyway affiliated with War Eagle Nation, this Krystal burger marquee is no longer imploring its team to go out there and ‘beat somebody‘.

Nor is the ever-classy burger chain acting like it is impressed with a win over New Mexico State, currently 1-9 on the season.

In a beautifully concise statement that articulates an entire season of misery for a die-hard fan base, this marquee not only sums up the year, but does so with a play on words.

We here at Gamedayr love puns, for the record.

Almost as much as we love hatin’ on Gene Chizik and his lowly Tigers.

Sorry, “Woe” Eagle Nation.

H/t: The War Eagle Reader

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