Camera in AFL locker room exposes Ricky Henderson’s penis, NFL might want to rethink a few things [Video]

aussie rule penis exposed in locker room

Hey, Roger Goodell, remember how you and the NFL’s owners were kicking around the idea of putting cameras in the locker rooms of your teams?

Well, this is your worst nightmare.

During halftime of an Aussie Rules Football game, Adalaide’s Ricky Henderson pulled his shorts down to check on a groin injury he had suffered mid-game. The footage was tape-delayed, but pretty much live and it was not censored (this tape obviously has been).

Thus, everyone watching saw Henderson’s penis.

If that word makes you uncomfortable, imagine seeing it broadcast live. While the NFL has stated that it will not be broadcasting any locker room footage live on TV, the feed will be put on the jumbotrons of stadiums in order to enhance the live, in-game experience of fans. Will no one in the stadium be filming the giant screens on their cell phones?

Seriously. Worst nightmare situation right here — for Henderson too; his entire country has already seen his goods, and now the video is crossing oceans. Yikes.

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h/t: Big Lead Sports